The Java Super Heroes: Presenting Mega-Flex

mega-flexYesterday we talked to Super-J. Today we give you Mega-Flex!

Mega-Flex is one of the mavericks in the Java Super Hero clan. He is not only a Super Hero in Java technology, but he also has special powers when it comes to design and development of highly interactive and attractive Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex technology.

RealDolmen: Mega-Flex, thanks for your time. How are you?

Mega-Flex: I’m doing well, thanks. I just finished a huge Flex development project for the French Community of Belgium, and now I’m helping out another customer in Media Land.

RealDolmen: Oh, nice to hear that you are a very busy man. How do you manage to do all this?

Mega-Flex: It is my primary mission to deliver only the best to customers. Producing creative, highly interactive rich internet apps is my passion and I always aim to do this with the highest possible quality right from the start. As a Flex Hero, it’s a piece of cake to write quality code in a test-driven manner. I love refactoring now and then to improve solutions and make them more maintainable.
On the other hand I also make sure that everything is documented, because achieving transparency in projects is my second goal. I want to make sure that everybody has a clear understanding what to do, understands his or her tasks and openly communicates about progress and issues to keep projects under control.

RealDolmen: That sounds like a lot of work. Do your special powers help to achieve all this?

Mega-Flex: Besides my Java, Spring and Hibernate expertise, I’m also an expert in Flex technologies such as (Spring) ActionScript,Mate,BlazeDS, Adobe Livecycle, etc.  And, being an honest, passionate and helpful team player, I’m always capable of getting the most out of my colleagues and project teams.

RealDolmen: Yes, I can already feel your enthusiasm and must admit it is most inspiring! Would you say that passion is another important quality for a Super Hero?

Mega-Flex: It is definitely an important start, but not enough though. To be a real Super Hero, you must have good communication skills, have a solid technological knowledge and most importantly, have the strong ambition to continuously learn and stay up-to-date.

RealDolmen: Do you maybe have one last inspiring slogan for our readers?

Mega-Flex: Be FLEXible and persistent!

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