The Java Super Heroes: Presenting JSF-Woman

JSF-WomanAlthough Java City sometimes can seem like it’s mainly a men’s world, there surely are also women with incredible powers.

JSF-Woman is such a female talent and young member of the Java Super Heroes clan. She only started two years ago, but her potential was soon discovered by Super-J and Mega-Flex who embraced her in the Java Super Hero team. JSF-Woman is young and ambitious. Her technical expertise in the JavaEE space are, simply put, extraordinary!

RealDolmen: Hello, JSF-Woman. You look very nice today, but looking great aside, what other powers do you possess to vanquish your enemies and help your colleagues?

JSF-Woman: Thanks, you make me blush. In fact, I prefer to put fear in the hearts of my enemies! :-,,) I do that mainly using my technical expertise. Go on, you can ask me any question about JavaEE and JSF technologies including Richfaces, Spring Hibernate, and many others. I just know every tiny detail of those technologies, right down to the core.

RealDolmen: Wow that sounds very cool. What kind of challenges do you overcome with this technical expertise?

JSF-Woman: My primary mission is to deliver JavaEE projects within time and budget, according to the specifications. I always claim responsibility to make sure that the team delivers at the highest quality. I make sure that the team kills every bug that I detect and that everyone is capable of doing it independently.

RealDolmen: Does independently mean that you have to coach team members as well?

JSF-Woman: That’s exactly what I mean. Although I sometimes expect everyone else to be a Super Hero as well :-) Unfortunately though, that’s not always the case when working with third parties.

RealDolmen: How to you tackle this problem?

JSF-Woman: It is not really a problem; that’s why we are Super heroes after all! I always make sure that we develop long-term solutions instead of quick and dirty fixes, even if the application is already in production. This way self-confidence grows within the team, but also the customer will gain confidence in the team. And when the customer is happy, he will most likely come back for other things as well!

RealDolmen: You show lots of accountability. Is that an important characteristic of being a Java Super Hero?

JSF-Woman: Absolutely! A Java Super Hero must have the talent to take ownership in order to get to perfect solutions. Also, you must have a passion to grow additional knowledge and skills well beyond your comfort zone because Java Land is continuously changing. Fact is, different customers and situations often require individual approaches. As a Super Hero, it’s very important to understand this and to be proactive in behaviour communication.

RealDolmen: Thanks for your time, JSF-Woman. Do you have one last message for our readers?

JSF-Woman: Yes, we’re still looking for other Super Heroes to strengthen our team. Those who think they are worthy should visit us at Devoxx!

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