The Java Super Heroes: Presenting Java-Man

Java-ManDon’t forget, RealDolmen is partner of Devoxx 2010, so all next week you can drop by our booth to meet the Java Super Heroes, test your skills against them, talk to them and also, get your free copy of the Java City map as well as some other nice surprises!

As the last in the series of interviews with the RealDolmen Java Super Heroes, we present to you Java-Man!Java-Man is one of a kind. Together with his friends Super-J, Mega-Flex and JSF-Woman he is there to build powerful and perfect-fit Java solutions.

RealDolmen: Hello Java-Man, you are probably the most experienced Super Heroe we talked to this week, is this correct?

Java-Man: Yes, I think you’re right. I’m approaching the end of my second decade in IT and I must admit that I have quite a track record! I started out as a system administrator, then I became an expert in database management such as DB2 and now I’ve been active in Java Land for more than seven years.

RealDolmen: That’s very impressive. And still,you seem like you can’t get enough of the numerous challenges that lie ahead on the Java road?

Java-Man: Oh no indeed,quite the contrary: the longer I’m active in Java Land, the more intense it gets! I just love my missions of delivering modular, scalable, sustainable and robust Java solutions that provide user friendly access to data, services and business logic.

RealDolmen: What are the special powers and strengths you have to help customers with all these challenges?

Java-Man: Good question. Instead of immediately diving into the code, I always start out looking for those special needs and requirements that are always there, but usually not yet articulated and so lay there below the surface. If you don’t address these things early on, they become dangerous later in the project, so I find it very important to talk about these things in advance, before going into action and getting my hands dirty. This kind of interaction also helps me to better understand the world and problems of the end users and allows me to deliver only the best and most appropriate solution for them. Empathy and communication skills are essential for a Super Hero; hence I have invested a lot in improving and enriching these competencies over the years as well.

RealDolmen: It is clear that Super Heroes like you are real experts in your business. Yet, you appear to continuously look for ways to learn and improve your way of working?

Java-Man: That’s absolutely correct. I believe that Java Super Heroes have the duty to continuously invest in their own knowledge portfolio and to stimulate each other to do so as well as this will help the team to grow. Very important for the individual, the team and also our company, all operating in a world where knowledge is the key to success.

RealDolmen: So you guys do not stand alone, but work closely together, evolving and innovating?

Java-Man: Knowledge sharing, collaboration and leadership are corner stones for our Super Hero clan. These are indeed important criteria to get accepted into the team!

RealDolmen: Thank you, Java-Man for this interesting interview! Now go back in the field and act in heroic ways!

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