IBM Java Health Center

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The IBM Support Assistant comes with a variety of  tools, one of them being the Java Health Center. I recently found out about this tool and it’s a great one!

The Java Health center is

very low overhead monitoring tool. It runs alongside an IBM Java application with a very small impact on the application’s performance. Health Center monitors several application areas, using the information to provide recommendations and analysis that help you improve the performance and efficiency of your application. Health Center can save the data obtained from monitoring an application and load it again for analysis at a later date.1

It’s also pretty easy to install 2.

  1. Add the healthcenter.jar to %JAVA_HOME%/jre/lib/ext folder
  2. start whatever application with -Xhealthcenter
  3. Default port is 1912

The openingscreen:

and for instance the profiling tab:


  1. Java Health Center- a low overhead monitoring tool -
  2. Installing the Health Center agent -
  3. IBM Support Assistant -


  1. Feature overview:

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