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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a mainframe blog I hadn''t seen before : Mainframe Analytics. Hey, a new mainframe blog, I mean, really new, because the first post was only written at the beginning of this year and it had this intriguing title ''What is a mainframe ?''. Now, finally, I was going to find out what a mainframe really was. Just kidding. Next in line ''Why do mainframes matter ?''. Hey, could we have a new advocate for the mainframe.

Well, as it turns out, yes and no. The writer of this blog is Reg Harbeck, which you may perhaps know from another blog I mentioned before : the CA Technologies'' Exec I/O Mainframe blog. Come to think of it, most of the posts lately were by Marcel den Hartog and no longer by Reg Harbeck. Turns out Reg has left CA Technologies to start his own company. But, and we have an expression for this in Dutch, which I can only literally translate into (no doubt, bad) English : ''Blood crawls where it cannot go''. Meaning, if you have it in you, you won''t be able to deny your own nature. So Reg, changed companies but not his fondness for the mainframe.

Do have a look at his blog. He''s really setting up a nice introductory series on the mainframe. Could be interesting for anyone who wants to know more about the mainframe or for people who want to explain the strong points of the mainframe to others.

Marc Wambeke, one of our experts, regularly blogs at Mainframe Watch Belgium.

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