Building applications for multiple clients

Source: Kevin Dockx / IceCream

One of the challenges a lot of businesses are struggling with today is the fact that the users of their software are becoming used to accessing their data from a multitude of devices: on the net, on a desktop, on a phone, on a tablet, …


This of course raises a lot of questions: how should you develop for this multitude of devices?  Are there best practices?  Can you reuse code, and if yes, should you?  How can you keep costs in check? Et cetera.


To answer some of these questions, I’ve started a new article series at SilverlightShowDeveloping for a multitude of clients: Strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check.


In this series, I’ll try to answer the questions a lot of us are wondering about, and while doing so, we’ll build the same type of application as an HTML5, Silverlight (web), Silverlight (OOB), Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro application. 


The first two parts are available now, quite a few more are coming up – enjoy! :)

Kevin Dockx, one of our experts, regularly blogs at Kevin Dockx / IceCream.

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