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  • Bundler.NET – An API for combining, minifying, compressing, and caching CSS and JavaScript for .NET websites.
  • 10 quick Android hacks any user can try – Want to try hacking your Android phone but don’t know where to begin? These 10 quick hacks are the perfect place to start, and can be done by everyone!
  • Houd je series in de gaten – Lifehacking – Één van de weinige frustratiemomentjes die ik heb in de week is dinsdagochtend, als ik denk dat er een nieuwe aflevering is van How I Met Your Mother. Ik download dan de aflevering via een torrent (awwrr) en kom er vervolgens achter dat het een neppe torrent is. Blijkbaar is de avond ervoor geen aflevering geweest van How I Met Your Mother..
    Deze serie heeft een redelijk onregelmatig schema, zo onregelmatig in ieder geval dat ik het allemaal niet bij kan houden. Ik kijk namelijk nog vier andere series. Gelukkig zijn daarvoor websites gemaakt, die in de gaten houden of jij al de nieuwe aflevering kan downloaden/bekijken! We zetten er drie op een rijtje.
  • Visual Studio 11 – Awesome New Features for Web Developers – The Visual Studio 11 Beta along with the latest .NET framework 4.5 has been out for about two months now and there are a slew of really good features that aligns with Microsoft’s goal of ‘Developer Happiness and Productivity’. In this article we will focus on the Web Developer specific functions in the release that promise to make day to day developer life much easier.
  • Back to Basics: Moving beyond for, if and switch – Scott Hanselman – I visit a lot of customers and look at a lot of code. I also worked with a number of large production code bases in my previous jobs and I see a lot of ifs, fors and switches. I see loops inside of loops with ifs inside them, all doing various transformations of data from one form to another. I see strings getting parsed to pull bits of data out in ways that are easy to say in English but take 100 lines to say in code.

    Should they? When we are just getting started programming we learn about if first, then for, then the much abused switch statement.

  • Lorem Ipsum – All the facts – Lipsum generator
  • String Matching in LINQ – Performing simple string equality tests is often not enough when application user convenience is key. Often only a fragment of a string is known to the user, or many of them. Sometimes there is a need to search for a fragment in multiple columns.
  • Create a great mobile experience for your website today. Please. – Scott Hanselman – People are fascinating with making mobile web sites. It's amazing that we're not impressed with the fact we carry tiny supercomputers in our pockets but we're amazed when a website looks decent on our phones.
  • Facebook-tip: download uw persoonlijke data – PC-Active – Het is nu mogelijk om vanuit Facebook alle informatie omtrent uw geschiedenis, vriendenverzoeken, bezochte websites en chatgesprekken te downloaden. In dit artikel leest u hoe u deze gegevens kunt opvragen en downloaden.
  • 10 illustrated examples of Visual Studio 11 – Troy Hunt
  • Know Your Gmail Stats using Gmail Meter | Official Gmail Blog – One day I was looking at how many messages I have in my sent mail, and realized there are a lot of things I wanted to know about my email habits. How much of my emails do I read, and do I reply fast enough? As luck would have it, Romain Vialard, a Google Apps Script Top Contributor, developed a tool called Gmail Meter powered by Google Apps Script.
  • AfterFocus – Android-apps op Google Play – With AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.
    Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can achieve more natural and professional image.
    Just mark the areas you want, AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for an object with complex shapes.
    This auto function allows you to work faster on smart phones with small screen.
    Also, background blur effect of AfterFocus gives a photo the realistic look between the edge of the background and the focus area.
  • Batterij HD – Android-apps op Google Play
  • 10 Great ifttt Recipes To Automate Your Web Life – A list of 10 of the best Recipes that are currently available. With more than 5,000 public Recipes to browse through, here are the gems (in no particular order)
  • Phonedeck – The cloud dashboard for your mobile phone – Discover a new way of managing your phone calls, text messages and contacts remotely from the browser.
  • 13 New Apps & Resources for Web Designers – Given the fast pace of anything remotely related to the Internet, it’s no surprise that Web designers are constantly creating something new. Sometimes the results are absolutely hilarious, while others are innovative and highly useful. Today, we’re going to focus on the latter, with an assortment of new tools and resources discovered by our readers.

Gunnar Vermeir, one of our experts, regularly blogs at The Gryphin Experience.

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